ERP Solutions

ERP is planning of how business resources (man, money, material, machine etc.) are acquired and used effectively to improve overall profit of the organization.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is control mainframe and software programs that integrate the various smaller systems used in different parts of a company. /OR/ ERP is a process by which a company manages and integrates the important parts/aspects of its business.

An ERP system is based on a common database and a modular software design. With an ERP system, data needs to be entered only once. The common database can allow every department of a business to store and retrieve information in real-time. Since ERP touches virtually every department within a company, the implementation of it provides an opportunity to examine current and new methods, approaches, habits and perspectives.

A primary benefit of ERP is easier access to reliable, integrated information and easily shared it. A related benefit is the elimination of duplicate data and the processes, which result in substantial cost and time savings.ERP predicts and balances between demands and supply.

It's primary functions are :

Connects customers and suppliers into complete supply chain
Makes business decisions faster and better
Data reduction, improve communications
Serves the needs of people in finance, shipping and payment, marketing and sales, inventory management as well as it does the people in human resources and in the warehouse


ERP can greatly improve quality and efficiency of the business without disturbing organization's internal running process
Automate and integrate business processes across different departments, functions and locations of the organization
Enable implementation of all variations of best business practices intended to improve productivity
Share common data across the entire enterprise in order to reduce errors
ERP makes easy availability of useful information for better decision making and the ability to show activity overview of your company
A direct benefit of good ERP system is improved customer relations which results in better business processes

WHY Insightant ?

We believe in client satisfaction and delight-meant by providing the quality ERP software solution, implementation support, management and software consultancy that meets client expectations within planned schedule and at affordable cost
We help in building, re-designing, and adding existing systems [or new ones] to assure acceptable percentage of risks in managing highly automated enterprise systems
Our ERP solutions are user friendly and easy to install. The solutions are modular and customizable. Thus ensuring that the solution is computed to meet the unique requirements of your organization, and is implemented when needed
One of the qualities that set us apart is our commitment to bringing integrated front-office and back-office solutions to our customers
It's tight integration between our CRM and ERP solutions that enables everyone in your organization from sales and marketing to accounting and finance to support and shipping to work together, efficiently, in the business of creating profitable customer relationships
We are perfect partner to deliver the solution for your complex business with fast, reliable and cost-effective enterprise

E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce has become an integral part of internet and day-today's hectic life

It has made business easy to reach anywhere and anytime

E-Commerce shows buying and selling of products, services, ideas, transferring funds using internet. You can do all these by just sitting at one place and some clicks over the internet

It is also designed for exchange of data to facilitate the payment and financial aspect of business transactions

An eCommerce transaction can be between enterprises, households, individuals, governments, and other public or private organizations

It depends on technologies like online transaction processing, mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, electronic data interchange (EDI), Internet marketing, inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems

This is an effective way of communicating within an organization and one of the easiest ways of doing business

WHY E-Commerce?

It's like Oxygen, available everywhere anytime on your internet enabled device. It enables you to shop/business from your device anytime anywhere
Increasing manufacturing performance by eliminating wait time of ordering and increases profits by being able to continue selling products 24*7
People can shop in different ways,
  1. Can build an order over several days
  2. Configure the products and see actual prices
  3. Easily build complex custom orders
  4. Choose One product from multiple prices from various providers
whole world's marketplace is available at your fingertips
Customers can Select a product, can see the reviews of that products, can choose the best product as per the reviews by previous customers
Shop for gifting: Customers can actually pay for the product and gift it to their dear ones. This helps when the receiver and sender of the gift are at a distant place might be in different city or state. This can be done through a logistics / courier partner to safely deliver the goods to the customers

WHY Insightant?

We offer superior eCommerce website development for B2C and B2B while understanding your needs, with wide range of user friendly features that allows us to build impressive online store for our clients to maximize their profit
We also help you choose the most suitable approach for your eCommerce business, and then implement the solution in short time duration
Our clients chose us because of our deep understanding and expertise across all areas of eCommerce and our honest work, practical advice and support which gives the best online shopping/business experience to the customers

BPM Solutions

Business Process Management (BPM) is the analysis of whole business, and relating it to client’s needs & requirements
BPM uses software and services to provide complete overview of your organization
BPM works on making organization workflow more adaptable to the changing business processes to make the organization more efficient & fruitful
It also discovers, automate, document, and continuously improve business processes to minimize costs and grow in efficiency
BPM looks at the processes as resources of the organization that must be studied, organised, and enhanced to deliver superior products and services to clients
BPM software and services allow organizations to go beyond their customer’s expectations, marketplace, and costs under control. BPM can work with exiting system, platform and databases


BPM provides architecture pointing towards business processes that allows owners to set & achieve goals for upgrading and smooth functioning of the business
This overall visualization of the process delivers the insight, which was unavailable before applying BPM; into how that process is performing
This kind of business control and analysis is impracticable for most companies to do today, owing to the system and organizational limitations
BPM solutions are necessary to maintain changes and arrangements, because processes are always changing for competitive, organizational and regulatory reasons
So INSIGHTANT recognizes all viewpoints which are essential for designinging and implementing the BPM solutions
We recognize that the tools needed for process improvement are different than the tools needed for service implementation and management Ability to quickly and flexibly define end-to-end processes, identify performance goals and then manage those goals is key requirement for any BPM suite Lack of a SOA is not a barrier and is certainly not a pre-requisite to success of BPM platform. Although having a SOA in place adds to flexibility and can simplify deployment of BPM platform

WHY Insightant?

With Insightant implement, develop & modify BPM solutions and applications with quick implementation
Insightant has deep skills in BPM, successfully helping clients renovate their manual and semi-automated business processes into automated processes within their ‘budget’
Insightant offers services in area of Business Process Management from Implementation, Consulting and Support
Insightant BPM is suitable for high-performance, high-availability situations

Responsive Solutions

We provide responsive web applications

The last two devices may be rotated by hovering and clicking the rotate button.

In ITS we implements such application and website which support in all size of devices as shown above